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The cycling map with the detailed description of the Drava cycling track which takes you to fairytale places and the untouched nature, was developed in the scope of the Mura-Drava.bike project, co-financed from the IPA SI-HR 2007-2013 programme. The purpose of the Mura-Drava.bike project, in which Slovenia (region of Pomurje and Podravje) and Croatia (Counties of Međimurje and of Varaždin) are included, is to create a common tourism product in the territory of the cross-border region.

The project, the basic purpose of which is the development of the bicycling tourism in the regions, and, at the same time, the development of the related service industries, will be connected to the existing Austrian bicycle paths along the rivers Mura and Drava, and will add a new and interesting cross-border tourist destination to the European tourist map. The partnership consists of ten institutions and organizations which are active in the territory of the four project regions.

Their experience up to now in the development of tourism and tourism products, cross-border cooperation and engagement regarding the local environment, guarantee the appropriate expert base for the successful performance of the project. Beside the mentioned partnership, the municipalities and counties are also involved, as associated partners, and they recognize the project as one of the most important projects for the development of the sustainable tourism in the included regions and municipalities.