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About the GPS maps and the application

Most of the current manual GPS devices support the import of the raster maps and their application in navigation. This means that the device's memory can store the files containing the image of the cartographic base and their geotagging, in order to be useful and applicable for the use in the field. (The number of maps that can be stored in the memory, and quality, depend on the device.)

The raster maps, in relation to the vector maps that are used in the car navigation devices, are different regarding the application itself. Depending on the quality of the use of the cartographic base, they can be very detailed (even clearer than vector maps), and the cartographic bases taken from the internet and orto photo geo-referenced images can be used. When taking over the maps one must always mind the rights and conditions of use. The weak side of a raster map is the image size which can be imported to the navigation device (it is usually 1024x1024 pixel, in sides proportion 1:1), if the image is larger than 1 Mega pixel, the device's software will automatically compress, and the map image will be of a lower quality.

Beside the maps which each user can prepare him/herself for the use on his/her device, one can also find the completed topographic maps (for our territory: AdriaTOPO) which can be bought in specialised stores or at Internet.

When preparing the maps and bases in the project Mura-Drava bike, the emphasis was on the application of the maps for the cycling devices and the possibility to make routes.

The area of the cycling routes is mapped in details, and vector maps are prepared, which can be taken over for the use on the navigation devices.

After installing the maps, you can take over the files of the routes, too. By choosing a particular route, the navigation device can navigate you to the beginning of the route. When we come to the beginning of the route, the device leads us through the route, warns about the turning positions, and is able to show the entered POI locations.