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Bicycle Trail along the Mura, R2

Bicycle Trail along the Mura, R2

Whether you've already heard much about Pomurje or you know almost nothing about this place, by cycling through the region along the Mura, step by step you'll discover the region's rich history, culture, nature and people. You just might discover that Pomurje is not only a flat land, that not only storks but many other interesting birds inhabit this area, that gibanica is not the only traditional dessert in this part of Slovenia and that the Mura is not always shrouded in mist. Very often it is bathed in warm sunshine.

Natural attrections
Natural attrections

At times it seems that the Mura River region continues to live in perfect harmony with nature. The many natural features such as thermal springs and Murska pools are beautifully complemented by the trails, gardens and ponds that were created by human hands. Together, they represent the ideal scenario for a break from city life.

While riding through forests and passed meadows and wide open fields, you'll soon encounter the animal world and quickly realise why storks have become a symbol of the area along the river.

Cultural attrections
Cultural attrections

The area along the Mura is an absolute treasure chest of cultural attractions which can be found along its left and right banks. Many churches, restored castles, thematic and traditional museums and other sights are laid out one after the other. Together they form a diverse selection, which will draw visitors into an enticing experience of both past and present cultural developments in the area.

Sports activities

Those of you who are active sportsmen will certainly be attracted to the many other sporting activities offered along the Mura River. Due to its favourable characteristics and relatively fast flow, the Mura is ideal for rafting or canoeing. Its tranquil places also make for wonderful fishing adventures.

Near the cycle path, you can easily find classic sporting offers such as horse riding, tennis courts and swimming pools. If at anytime along the journey you need a break from cycling, you've come to the right place.

Along the left Bank ...

The Mura River divides Pomurje into two parts. While cycling along the left bank, you will at all times be accompanied by the melodic dialect of the Prekmurje region. It was once an independent language, and even today, this dialect requires some amount of effort to understand for the unfamiliar guest. Your cycling adventure will begin in the Austrian town of Sicheldorf and lead you towards Lendava, where you can then turn and follow the route along the right bank of the river or choose to stop for a visit in neighbouring Hungary. Along the way, the path offers you many opportunities, twists and turns that will allow you to customise your tour as you wish. You can cross over the Mura at many points along the way, either by using classical bridges or in ways more unusual, such as a ferry ride.

Along the right Bank ...

In Slovenia, the Mura River's right bank is made up of Styria and Prlekija. The cycle path here will lead you all the way from the Austrian border in the north to the Croatian border in the south. If you're thinking that you've finally begun to understand Prekmurje, on the right bank you'll realise that you've got to start all over again. Throughout history, the Mura has played an important role in creating a distinction that is probably most recognised in the dialect spoken by the people.

In Croatia ...

On both sides of the river, the cycle path certainly doesn't end in Slovenia. It leads you into neighbouring Croatia, winds its way close to the Slovenian-Croatian border and finally flows into the Drava River near Legrad.

If you choose to follow the marked cycle paths, the route will lead you past many cultural and natural attractions, and at the same time, if you prefer more active sports, you'll discover opportunities for many other forms of recreation along the way. Surely you will not wish to miss trying the local cuisine and excellent wines, which are renowned and respected both here and abroad. And since you are on holiday, why not enjoy a day of pampering in the thermal water and take advantage of its beneficial effects.