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Bicycle Trail along the Drava, R1

Bicycle Trail along the Drava, R1

Cycling along the Drava River is something truly special. It combines riding through unspoiled nature as well as urban environments. It is along the banks of this mighty river that the history of Slovenia's oldest city of Ptuj was formed, its embankment gave birth to one of Maribor's liveliest places, it provides Varazdin with a special character and many other attractions mean that no town is left behind as it winds along its course.

As you roam around, perhaps you seek something different – something without an urban flair. When cycling, you can easily stop at the edges of the forests, in forest clearings or next to embankments and experience a captivating feeling of peace. Experience the many cultural and natural attractions near the cycle path and refresh yourself with traditional local cuisine. Oh, and don't forget about the fabulous Podravje wines and the thermal springs!
You are most welcome!

Take a look at the entire path, divided into smaller stages according to various thematic tours.

Natural attrections
Natural attrections

Although the Drava flows through urban centres and in some parts is restricted by artificial dams and lake hydroelectric plants, it seems that they have not disturbed its coexistence with nature. Amidst hills and flatlands, the river slowly flows along its course and provides shelter to numerous animal and plant species.

On account of the biodiversity, a number of nature parks have found their place along the Drava. Their wealth of plant and animal life are on display for all who wish to see and experience their wonder.

Cultural attrections

The cultural attractions along the Drava River path are links to the historical development of this region. Numerous archaeological findings testify to the early settlements here, and many local clubs and organisations are trying hard to preserve their authentic cultural heritage.

Along the way, you'll have the chance to visit various museums, churches and castles and experience many traditional celebrations, among which many of the old traditions are displayed, that here in this area, more so than in others, we do not intend to forget.

Sports activities
Sports activities

While cycling, those of you who are active sportsmen will certainly be attracted to the many other sporting activities offered along the Drava River.

You can take a boat out on the river and fishing is very popular in many areas. Along the way, stop at any of the classic thermal water parks or treat yourself to a dip in Lake Varazdin. That has long been a favourite place for swimming, where you may cool down and rest your weary legs on those hot summer days.